Missoula Friends and Family of Autism is a collective of individuals from Northwestern Montana (and beyond!) who have come together to support individuals and families in our community who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

We are working in collaboration with BASE Missoula to offer both Family Support Groups and Children Support Groups in the Missoula Community.  

Family groups

Family groups are open to adults who are connected to or are in support of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The groups are bi-monthly and meet at BASE in Missoula.  They are generally the second and last Wednesdays of the month.  Each month the Family Groups sponsor a key-note speaker and open forum discussion with a member of the ASD community that focuses on a unique perspective of ASD.

Missoula ASD Kids Club 

These groups are open to kids with all types and levels of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and are sponsored in collaboration with BASE Missoula, a program designed to advocate and create with individuals with disabilities.  Missoula ASD Kids Club is FREE for all children with ASD.  They correspond to the ongoing Family Groups and are hosted in a room right next door to the Family Groups.  

Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been my mountain, it has been my opportunity for victory.
— Rachel Barcellona, AutismSpeaks.com